Your Website Copy Could be Seriously Letting You Down

A professionally presented business website may be a powerful and essential marketing tool. It is most of the time, the very first thing prospective customers will check out before they plan to contact you. If your website copy is not written to a suitable standard, it is going to be losing you customers.

It is simply not good enough just to have amazing graphics and imagery: you need the words to make it complete.

  • Is the spelling correct?
  • Are punctuation marks in place?
  • Does the website copy make sense?

These are questions that website designers should be asking themselves before they upload any content to the site.

Well written website copy will attract visitors

One of the biggest flaws with website copy is inconsistency

By example, the word ‘website’. Some sites spell it together as a word, some as two words. For many linguists, both are quite acceptable, but not both versions on the very same site. In my opinion, an absence of consistency will deter a substantial number of would-be customers from using the services of a corporation that has not taken the simple effort to proofread their website.

Poor spelling within website copy is another costly but avoidable mistake

The majority of web visitors will leave the site very quickly if they find too many spelling errors. This again will give them the impression that the web owners or webmasters do not really care. They would quite possibly be right by taking this view! I am also convinced that copy that has been ‘padded out’ with insignificant trivia is additionally an enormous turn-off for visitors. Clear, concise, and informative is what makes website copy stand out from competitors and will always attract more visitors directly or by referral.

Anything containing textual content should as a matter in fact be proofread. It is vital that not only are mistakes in spelling, punctuation and grammar found and corrected, but that the text flows smoothly for the reader. The copy on an internet site should not be taken for granted in relation to the product, service or project being discussed or reviewed. You can have the foremost up-to-date, eye-catching graphics available, but you will still need well-written website copy to go with them.

There are some of the odd few web design companies around which will happily inform visitors how they will supply them with a state-of-the-art website. On the other hand, however, they insert second-rate website copy, which totally negates any good work they have achieved. This will reduce the initial impact of the website, and more often than not will have an adverse effect on business.

It does pay to have the website copy checked professionally, irrespective of whether the design company has written it themselves or had it supplied by the client. It could be a moderate initial cost if you thinking to have a website proofread. On the contrary however, it could cost you considerably more if you do not!

Remember, if visitors to your site cannot find the information that they are looking for because of badly written website copy, they will simply leave the site. The only people to profit are going to be your competitors.

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